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The Acura RDX has yet to go on sale, but a few automotive publications have conducted early reviews. The professionals generally seem to think highly of the crossover SUV. See also the main fact sheets for the Acura RDX.

All-New 2007 Acura RDX

High Points[]

Low Points[]

  • Lack of cargo space.
Competitors, such as the BMW X3, has more room.
  • Uninspired design.
Car and Driver comments, "Aside from its Acuraesque front end, the RDX looks pretty much like a lot of other SUVs scampering around out there — same arched roofline, same sloping liftgate."

Performance and Handling[]

Gas Mileage[]


This SUV managed to have good safety loaded up with 6-8 airbags (depending on model).

Reliability and Maintenance[]

Interior and Comforts[]


Styles and Options[]

Main Competitors[]

  • BMW X3

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